Araku Abiola
Founder/Head of Production

Araku Abiola is a Filmmaker, Content Producer, and Visual Artist with an M.F.A. in Film Production from Howard University. Araku has produced content in many different genres and formats, including film, documentary, 3D visualization, and web-series. Araku leverages his expertise in writing, directing, producing, videography, 3D graphics, and video editing to tell original, unique, and imaginative stories. Araku's personal projects often center on metaphysical concepts, multidimension theories, and the supernatural - echoing his lifelong affinity for Science Fantasy and Horror.  


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Araku Studios aims to pioneer a new and inclusive entertainment industry founded on original imaginative storytelling, diverse casting, and a full utilization of the untapped talent of grass-roots independent and first-time artists. Araku Studios is taking the first step in two ways:

  1. Producing cinematic content in the historically non-diverse genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Action that feature people of color in powerful leading roles. 

  2. Discovering, training, and/or hiring novice and first-time artists who would, otherwise, never get an opportunity to work on films or acquire film production skills.      

Jerel Smith

Jerel Smith is an actor, screenwriter, author, and director living in the DMV area. He has acted in multiple theatre plays, short films, and a feature film. He writes stories that uplift those of the African diaspora and provide them with leading roles that are normally inaccessible to them. As the founder of Melanin God Productions, he produces short-films and web-series.


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